My work is based on the limit and the fickleness of light, form and movement. Using the body as field of poetic inspiration, I discover the beautiful shapes of the classic utopian essence of the figure through shadow. My work is developed through a dynamic process with no control of the outcome. With my camera, I photograph nude models through a piece of glass painted Vaseline accompanied by a manually controlled gradual light reduction on the models through. I call this process shadow painting. I have developed this personal technique to embrace the poetics of chance. Once the light captured, I feel a great deal of freedom to construct my abstract images. Each print is executed on Hahn mule Museum Etching paper. While I use digital technology to create my compositions and execute each print, I do not use it to alter the light captured in my work, only the form. The intentional visual cross-over that occur alludes to the aesthetic of drawing and the execution of a digital print. My current series of work embraces the merging of these aesthetics juxtaposing it with a conceptual metamorphosis of the classical nude into a contemporary context.

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